LazyPerks #1 eBay bargain hunting machine


What do we do?

We search eBay for you while you’re offline or away from your computer.
You’ll get instant notification when somebody has listed an item matching your search criteria.

How are we different?

On eBay, when you create a search, you’ll get a notification on newly listed items only once a day.
We will send you a notification as soon as the next BUY-IT-NOW item is listed and you have a chance to buy it immediately.
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For Bargain Hunters

Are you a BARGAIN HUNTER, inspired COLLECTOR, looking for the BEST DEAL or want to transform your hobby into a profitable business?
Then LazyPerks is your #1 choice!
Create your searches and we’ll be constantly monitoring real time eBay data for newly listed BUY-IT-NOW items that match your search criteria and we will send you instant notification the minute those items are listed.
There is no need anymore to constantly refresh eBay page, LazyPerks does it for you!
Be the first one to grab the best deal!

For Businesses

Do you have a reselling business?
Then you know that timing is everything!
With our FAST RESPONSE TIME, which is usually LESS THAT ONE MINUTE after the listing is published on eBay, you will get an instant notification WAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS without having to spend your valuable time refreshing eBay pages.
If you are a reseller, LazyPerks is a MUST HAVE PLATFORM to expedite your turnaround time. We help you to find products at the lowest price and resell it with the highest profit margin.

Real-Time Data Feeds

LazyPerks offers real-time data feeds of eBay BUY-IT-NOW or FIXED-PRICE listings.
We provide access to the 21 eBay sites worldwide. Choose your site and category and enjoy instant updates delivered to your favorite RSS reader.
After you choose between custom searches or data feeds, LazyPerks will keep you notified IN REAL TIME 24/7 about the eBay newly listed hottest deals that match with YOUR TERMS AND PRICES.
Need more than RSS feeds? Please contact us to talk about available data formats and delivery customization.

our service have helped countless bargain hunterst to be the first ones to grab the best eBay deals

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