LazyPerks helps you shop smarter

Create your search. Set your price target. Get an instant notification.
Put yourself in the driver seat

It’s simple really. Many sites publish “comparison” sales prices sent to them from different stores. We put you in the driver seat by enabling you to create your own searches.

We search for terms and price targets you set across multiple marketplaces (stores/sites). These are not just the prices the stores want to publish, but all inventory items.

We continuously monitor inventory changes, new or updated items and prices, so that you never miss out on a recent price drop, new item listing or added inventory that you’re looking for. You can create advanced searches and we will immediately send you a notification when your price target is reached. Don’t worry about missing out on an inventory item going on sale or a new listing on eBay or Etsy. You will be the first one to know.

Here are some examples

You’re an audiophile and avid collector of classic vinyl records. Instead of continuously refreshing your search on eBay or Etsy hoping to be the first to discover a missing item in your collection, just create a specific search and we will send you an instant notification if a matching item is listed.

You’re in the market for a great price on a new 4K 75 inch TV. Create a search matching your requirements and you get a notification as soon as an inventory item is updated with your price point.

As you see, there are unlimited uses for monitoring the marketplace yourself. Don't waste your precious time hunting around multiple sites yourself when we can do it for you.

Pricing details

Nobody likes monthly subscription fees, we certainly do not. So, our pricing strategy is very simple:

When you first sign up with LazyPerks, we give you a credit of 50 e-mail notifications to get started. After that, we charge a small fixed amount of 5¢ every time we send you an email notification.

You can also opt into getting a text (SMS) message directly to your phone. Visit our pricing page for more details.

To protect you from a very generic search that could produce a lot of hits you can limit the number of notifications we send you per day.